United Nations

Different countries working together to solve world problems

Shelley Okposin

The United Nations is an international organization that encourages different countries to work together to solve world problems. You may like to think of it as a world parliament where different countries are represented.

The United Nations was formed after World War 2 when many countries were trying to recover from the war. They had lost thousands of people, their roads and buildings had been destroyed, and they suffered severe financial problems. The United Nations’ role was to prevent another devastating conflict from occurring again.

The United Nations Headquarters in New York

Throughout the world today, the United Nations maintains peace and security. When two countries are not getting along and are in danger of going to war, the United Nations steps in. It comes up with a solution that works well for everyone. When countries experience natural disasters like earthquakes and floods the United Nations provides emergency assistance. They send people to the disaster area with food and fresh water, along with doctors and nurses to give the victims medical treatment.

As you can see, the United Nations does a lot of good work and there are always countries needing its assistance. Each day the world faces many important issues like climate change, sustainability, terrorism, food production and peace, the United Nations’ will continue to play a very important role in providing solutions.

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