Life after death

Is death really that bad?

I Have A Spaniel

What happens when you die? It’s a question that has crossed everyone’s mind, because death happens to everyone, regardless of age, race, gender, religion, or status.

Every religion has a different idea for what the human body or soul afterlife looks like, for example christians think that our soul continues to live as an immortal entity.

But what happens to all of us might seem unexpected. Let me tell you that death is not exactly a bad feeling, usually it is connected to a lack of oxygen in the brain and that causes it to shut down. With our brain shut down death is accompanied by a feeling of relief and comfort - even if someone is in pain.

Did you get it?
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    Neil Craig

    Christians also believe there will be a judgement

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    Angela Campbell

    good idea

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    Johannes Ruthtr

    Nice article!