How to write a Simplex

A quick guide to get you off the ground

Everyone can write a Simplex, but just the best Simplexes get featured and promoted on Stelum! Here is how to get it right.

There are 7 things to keep in mind when writing a Simplex:

Keep it simple!

1. Simplexes are written in everyday, easy to understand language. Imagine you are explaining something to a friend who knows nothing about the topic. One of the best ways to break down complex ideas is to tell an interesting story. Try to make a simple comparison, use an analogy or another creative approach you like!

Get to the point!

2. Sometimes less is more. Since Simplexes cannot be longer than 300 words, focus on the things that matter most. Leave unnecessary facts and details to encyclopaedias!

Be visual!

3. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words. Often the fastest way to understand something is to see it for yourself:

Illustration on how a picture can tell a thousand words

Looking for free images to use in your Simplex? Your first stop should be at Pixabay or Pexels.

Ask yourself: Will it help?

4. Not everything needs an explanation. Before writing a Simplex, ask yourself: Are there many people struggling to understand it? Will it be helpful to others?

Explain differently!

5. One and the same thing can be explained differently, but equally well! Therefore there can be many Simplexes about the same topic, and even with the same title. You think you can explain something better? Go ahead! Let people decide what Simplex is the best!

Name it clearly!

6. The title should indicate the topic of your Simplex clearly. For example: Bitcoin, French Revolution, Fracking and so on. Short titles stand out better and let your Simplex be found easier. Make sure the description helps the reader understand what your Simplex is about. For example, if the title of your simplex is Cells, the description might be "the building blocks of life".

Mind the rules!

7. Like any other community we have a set of rules. Not everything is welcome on Stelum. Make sure your Simplex is written in accordance with our Community Guidelines.

That’s it! If you follow these simple steps your Simplex will soon become popular and people will start following you.

You can always edit or delete any of your Simplexes - just open the Simplex and use the menu next to your name: