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Stelum is a platform for simple explanations. We call them Simplexes.

Simplexes help people understand anything quickly and easily! 

 Whether you are a science communicator, a company or a person who want to reach out to people – Stelum is your best communication channel.

Just set up a free account and start sharing knowlege with others!

What's there for me?
REACH more people

Stelum helps grow your audience. Write a good Simplex and we'll make sure it finds its way to people!

Stelum connects people! Share your knowledge and very soon people will start following you. Each time you write a new Simplex your fans will receive a notification!
Forget about technical interfaces and buggy templates. With Stelum everyone can create a beautiful Simplex in a click!
Let's people decide who explains best! Users can vote for Simplexes and write comments. Get real-time feedback to become a better communicator!
other benefits:
Stelum is designed with your needs in mind. We provide you with necessary tools and match you with relevant audience!​
online presence
Having an account on Stelum is the best way to present yourself or to raise public awareness about anything. ​


Stelum is absolutely free. We will never ask you to pay for it.  And we don't show advertising banners to our users! 

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Launch May 2017
about us:
Stelum is a solution to the problem of understanding. We help people grasp any concept quickly and easily. We concentrate on big, complicated topics, making them easy to understand.

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